Who is Andreas Hartung?

Andreas - aha - Hartung is a comic artist, illustrator, bon vivant and all sorts of other things. Born and raised in Berlin, he founded the Berlin comic magazine Epidermophytie and drew wild comic adventure stories for the music magazine unclesally*s for many years. He then initiated the large-scale comic project Comic Clash, in which 20 comic magazines competed for the meaning of life, followed a few years later by the follow-up project Comic Culture Clash!

He likes hammerhead sharks (like everyone else), late summer and ice cubes that crack in a glass. Andreas Hartung still lives in Berlin with his three turtles Arthur, Gordon and Pym and can't get away (the turtles are so slow).

Whenever his ice cubes have melted, he works on a monumental illustrated adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's "The Colour out of Space" with musical accompaniment.

Porträt of Illustrator and Comicartist Andreas Hartung